Bringing happiness to life

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Welcome to the FreeMind happiness program

What is happiness? Why do some people live their lives in a permanent state of joy whilst others struggle to have fun even on a dream holiday of a lifetime?

Deep down we all know the answer. You know the answer, right now as you stare on this screen. It is because happiness starts and ends inside your mind.

FreeMind has been created to show you how to pick the lock inside your head; to open up that huge, powerful, fun-filled box of happiness that already exists – right now – inside of you, waiting to be unleashed on the world.

The Art and Science of Happiness

FreeMind teaches you how to be happy, and learning how to be happy teaches you how to become successful. It can sound too simple, but in reality it is the only truth.

Whatever your goals, whatever your desires, worries, fears or dreams, it is all tied up in how good you feel about yourself as you open your eyes in the morning and start preparing for the day ahead.

Holidays, property, possessions – we all want them. And that’s fine. This isn’t about turning your back on society and moving to the Himalayas, eating lentils and chanting for 13 hours a day.

We are not gurus, we do not seek your soul – we simply want to share with you the techniques that we have developed to dramatically alter your unconscious state-of-mind and release you from the prison you’ve unwittingly built for yourself.

This will make you a better friend, a better parent and a better person to be around, even when you are by yourself!

It will unlock your potential, open up a world of excitement and possibilities and give the life you truly desire.

Our happiness is not dependent on our stuff, external resources or outward appearance. In reality the key to real happiness comes from within. It starts and ends inside your mind.

So free your mind and let everything else simply flow.

Start today. Start now.

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Happiness, the real key to success

Think about Richard Branson and that big beaming smile of his. Like many people you might think “well of course he’s happy, I would be too if I was in his position”. But tragically you do not realise that it’s the other way round, that you arrive at that position simply by being happy within yourself, by approaching each day with unbridled joy.

For too long we have been tricked into sticking the cart in front of the horse and getting frustrated and blaming ourselves when it won’t move along the road.

But hey, good news! You are reading this and right now, from today, you can put down that heavy load and start living your life for real. You are standing on a threshold my friend.

So come on in, take a look around, and give it a try. We’ve got a great blog, some great videos to watch and some authentic testimonials from celebrities to beautiful people just like you and me.

We sincerely hope that you wish to discover more about us and the wonderful gift we have to offer.

Start today. Free your mind and enjoy every second of your remaining time here on Earth.

Check out our FreeMind Audio Program!

FreeMind is a process

A new way of thinking that shows you how to be happier

Approach each and every day with a smile on your face

Helping you to become free

Teaching you to inspire yourself

To have the courage to be who you know you are deep down



Emotional intelligence

Success psychology

Oneness Philosophy

We call this The 3 Pillars [read more]


Gives you the tools to decide who you are and who you want to be

Make the changes you want

Put your past behind you

Life is not what happens to you it’s what you do with what happens to you

Not about struggling with change or internal battles

About helping you create the life you want by changing how you approach your life


Doing it with a smile

Help you change old habits, develop new skills, become more confident, have better relationships

Even if you already feel good in yourself FreeMind can take you to that next level

Becoming a happier more whole person that’s able to have a positive impact on those around you

Not about struggle, not about following gurus, not about sitting on a mountain mediating alone for years on end

Simple straightforward and logical

Fun, relaxing and empowering


We deliver our training by:

1. Creating state of the art training and inspiration hypnosis recordings combined with beautiful music (learn more here)

2. Making training and inspirational films

2. We create uplifting training and celebration events that are designed to open the mind, warm the heart and nourish the soul (without alcohol and drugs)

We then use 50% of the profits made by that company to fund the FreeMind Project charity (Reg number 1126454) which is dedicated to bringing more happiness to as many people as possible by spreading and promoting the simple wisdom of the 3 pillars.


 The 3 pillars of Absolute Happiness