“Helping to make the world a kinder, more beautiful place.”

Registered charity number 1126454


1. Creating events and products that empower people to overcome their difficulties, achieve their goals and enjoy more health, happiness and harmony. Like the FreeMind Self Therapy App. Click Here

2. Helping parents and society to raise happy, creative and kind people that are excited to make the world a better place. 

3. Training therapists and facilitators in rapid-change technology so they can help people, families, communities and businesses quickly. Click Here

We believe this is the simplest way to make real and lasting change in the world.


If you want to give time, ideas or make useful introductions please email us at the address below. If you are a change-maker, charity or social enterprise and you want our support please contact us.


If you like what we are doing your donations would be most welcome. We really need as much help as we can get. Please give generously and help us make the world a more beautiful place. Alternatively a great way to support us is to simply become a paid subscriber for the FreeMind App , become a FreeMind Therapist or join our empowering Self Therapy training events.