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January Shine Weekend

Get inspired, energised and focused and make 2016 your time to SHINE!!

Discover, explore and integrate the three pillars of happiness and success in a playful, celebratory transformational event that will also utilise live music, meditation and movement to help you bring out your very best.

This inspirational weekend is great if you want to:

– Enjoy more happiness and success in your life

– Change habits or behaviours that are holding you back

– Change the negative patterns in your relationships

– Enjoy more meaning and purpose in your life

– Enjoy more ease and abundance in your life

– Break addictions and dissolve limiting beliefs

– Improve how you perform and present on stage or camera

– Deepen your ability to help and heal others

– Build a powerful strategy to make real and lasting change in your life

You’ll leave with:

– A clear vision for your 2016 with agreed practical steps to bring your dreams to life.

– The skills to deeply hypnotise yourself and change your inner mind programming.

– Confidence, focus, inspiration and energy for your future.

This weekend is not a dry theoretical training environment. It is an experiential celebration of your potential that includes opportunities to experience deep levels of connection, empowerment and bliss.

It is jam packed with powerful tips, techniques and life hacks that have been proven to be effective.

What is unique about this course?

The whole weekend is built on the principle that 100 minds are better than one. By coming together and getting inspired in a group we increase our overall motivation and momentum. It creates an incredibly supportive field in which the negatives dissolve away naturally and the positives are enhanced and embedded much more easily. Using this “Hive Mind” approach you find all of your own answers within yourself meaning that you won’t need to discuss anything with the group to get the results you are looking for

The Three Pillars that will be covered that underpin all lasting success and happiness are:

Inner Peace (Advanced Emotional Intelligence)

Inner Power (Advanced Success Psychology)

Inner Purpose (Advanced Oneness Philosophy)

When these three pillars come into alignment you realise in a very powerful way that you are already perfect as you are.

This weekend is wholeheartedly about encouraging you to see the power and beauty of simply letting your natural self shine.

This is simply a powerful reminder- an invitation home if you like.

A remembrance of who you really are.

The weekend also includes a set of FreeMind hypnosis recordings (RRP £45) and a fantastic reading list to help you integrate all of the benefits of the weekend. It also includes a peer-to-peer support structure so that you can continue to encourage each other to live and love your lives to the full. There will also be a monthly webinar to give you further support and inspiration throughout 2016.

Run by the FreeMind Charity, we keep our charges as low as we can since we believe that the more accessible this information is, the more we can facilitate social change.

Thus the whole weekend is just £85! (This does not include food and refreshments but water will be provided)

Wishing you the very best 2016 from myself and everyone else that helps make the FreeMind Project work.

Love for all, and all for love

Tom x

Happiness Author, Harley St Hypnotherapist and Founder of the FreeMind Project Charity (Reg. Number 1126454)

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Columbia Hotel
The Beautiful Columbia Hotel
95-99 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS
9.30 am – 6pm Saturday 30th January & 9.30am – 6 pm Sunday 31st January
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