This exercise involves you writing a love letter to someone you don’t know. This is an unconditional expression of love that you will place in an envelope and leave for some random stranger to find. This is not about sending a love letter to someone you know. This is a message of love given unconditionally. This is based on the premise that everyone is deserving of love and we are capable of loving everyone. It is good practice and can be an incredibly beautiful experience. This is anonymous, so do not sign your name and do not leave contact details on there. Although it can be fun to leave the letter on the seat next to you on the bus and then stay there to see who picks it up, I recommend you don’t do that (not at least for the first time). The exercise is about you enjoying sending out love and letting it go. It is not about you getting an additional “kick” out of seeing who gets it and the affect it creates. It can also be amazing when you have a group of people together, to get everyone to do this exercise, but before you put them in envelopes to take them out onto the streets, mix the letters up and all randomly take one. When you experience how beautiful receiving these letters can be, you will get excited to write more.

laughing man, head and shouldersYou might also want to encourage the recipient, if they have enjoyed the letter to then go on to write their own for someone else to find. Another nice touch, is to write “For you” on the front of the envelope, and then “yes you” on the back. If you are wondering what you might write. What would you write to your child (or a child that you love) to help them feel willing to open their heart to the world and inspire them to make the most of their life. You might also really feel like being very specific about a certain topic. You might want to write a letter about forgiveness or gratitude. Maybe when you write you feel yourself being pulled to encourage the recipient to spend more time with their family or friends. Who knows what the impact will be but something that we feel compelled to write, is most likely to be exactly what the recipient could really benefit from thinking about.  When reading this, it could be possible to think that you can understand the benefits of this exercise. You could think that it is a sweet idea and you might think that ‘nice’ as it is, that you don’t need to do this. You don’t need to do anything. But you cannot truly understand the beauty of this exercise until you do it. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Your letter could save someone’s life, their relationship or their career. How could your day be changed by someone, you don’t know, reaching out to you with unconditional love? Some people spend time wondering about how deserving the recipient may be. What if they are an awful person and my letter encourages them to have a great day. What if it gives them permission to continue being awful? Don’t write this letter because of who will receive it. Send out this love because of who you are, and what you have to say. Your heart can communicate in a way that can invite people to come home, to become free, to in one moment drop anything and everything holding them back. The pen is truly mightier than the sword. What power you have at your fingertips to change lives forever. Begin today. Begin now. Take a moment to notice how this book or your reading device feels in your hands. Notice your breath and relax any tension in your muscles. Bring your head, back, pelvis, arms and legs into your awareness. Relax your jaw and trust me when I tell you, I wrote this piece specifically for you. Yes you. Please take up the mantle and spread the love right now. P.s. once you have done this for strangers you can make a practice of leaving love letters for everyone else in your life too. Cleverly hiding them so they are found at the perfect moment later- little beautiful love bombs.

Tom Fortes Mayer, founder of FreeMind