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The power of love and forgiveness – how to be happy

No matter how much work I do I am always absolutely stunned by the power and beauty of the human heart’s capacity to get over pain and return back to love and forgiveness. Physical fitness is assessed by looking at how quickly a person’s pulse will return to normal after it has been at it’s maximum rate. In much the same way we could consider emotional fitness to be the length of time it takes you to return to peace and love after being most upset.

The more work on myself I do, the more I realise that cultivating freedom is not about living in a world without problems. There will always be challenges, disappointments and frustrations. Freedom is about developing the capacity to find our centre more rapidly, to not take things so personally, to be upset but not to attack, to be scared but not to panic.

In times of stress or contraction bringing our attention back to the heart is always the answer. Scientists have now proven that your heart does create molecules of thought. It makes neuro-peptides. It is communicating with you and if you take the time to pay attention it will remind you of what is beautiful about letting people be who they are. Your heart knows it is empowering to take ownership of your own reaction and return to your loving and peaceful centre without doing or saying anything that you will later regret.

Learning how to be happy involves understanding our first and maybe even second fearful and defensive response. Thanking those draconian parts of us that want to keep us safe and protected helps ground us in times of difficulty. We have inside us ancient warriors that will protect out territory and fight tooth and nail to hold onto what we have. Blessing those parts and loving them for their intention and breathing them back to peace is the key.

From there we are truly free to respond with love and peace and that always makes things better. Even if that involves laying a very clear and tough boundary in such a way will be deeply unpopular, we can still hold strong with love in our heart.

Underneath all of the fear, resistance, competition and aggression the human heart and its’ capacity to love is truly the greatest natural wonder of the world.

Written by Tom Fortes Mayer, founder of The FreeMind Project

Author of “The FreeMind Experience – The three Pillars of Absolute Happiness”