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Happiness – The one and only thing you need to know

My heart pounding, my breath deep and long, my run is over, I sit on the bench overlooking the lake behind my house. I take in the beauty and I feel fresh, alive and reconnected to everything that matters in life. Physical Energy and dynamism is the foundation for all happiness. For a while I allowed my exercise to slip away and I lost my vibrancy, I lost my sense of enthusiasm, I felt stressed, disconnected, unsupported and on some levels lost. So, I start running again, doing a bit of yoga and meditating for just ten minutes at the start of the day and the degree to which I feel I have come back to life is extraordinary.

We cannot truly love life if we don’t truly love ourselves and yet loving ourselves is an active process. It involves taking the time to be loving, to be caring, nurturing and supportive of your emotional, psychological and physical needs. Now that I am back in the swing of exercise I am reminded of how important it is to have energy in the system. My metabolic rate has increased, I feel more lively, energetic and dynamic. I look better, have greater clarity and my intuition and sense of awareness and understanding has deepened profoundly.

Previously I had been telling myself that I am too busy to exercise but I now see how preposterous that is. I see so many clients that are hoping to build a life of happiness in the future by focussing on working hard now. People hope happiness will come in the end when they have built a life of success. Happiness does not follow success. Success follows happiness. Getting your mind, body and soul aligned is the key to happiness and success. Investing energy into your health and vibrancy lays the foundation for you to be at peace, in power and living on purpose.

In that place we can simply sit on a bench and the extraordinary perfection of the world is there to see. In that place we are perfect and our purpose becomes obviously about being even more loving of ourself, looking after ourselves more, building a life that we adore and letting our light shine ever more brightly.

Look after yourselves today. You will have more time and energy to take care of everything that you have to do. Give yourself that gift and it will soon be obvious that it is a beautiful investment that is paying you huge rewards. Happiness can only be experienced in a lively, vibrant body.

Tom Fortes Mayer