FreeMind Hypnotherapy



Since the year 2000 I have been totally dedicated to helping people enjoy their lives more. It is a big step to think about looking at your life and deciding to change it. Supporting people through that process is my greatest passion and the true purpose of my life.

I specialise in helping people with their self-esteem, confidence and happiness.

I help everyday people enjoy being more effective, relaxed and successful by dissolving the limiting beliefs and negative repetitive habits and behaviours that are holding them back. These challenges usually begin in childhood and I specialise in resolving these restrictive and outdated patterns rapidly. This work often includes helping people with anxiety, anger, insomnia, procrastination and self-sabotage.

I developed a unique way of combining modern hypnosis techniques, powerful music and ancient wisdom principles to create a system of transformation that I call the FreeMind System. See the simple diagram below which shows how the three pillars of happiness and success create a very effective therapeutic model.

I now train in people this unique system. 

I can work in a number of different ways. In person, over skype or delivering training and presentations to small or large groups.

To see some testimonials about my work and the FreeMind system click here.

“Working with Tom will definitely go down as one of the highlights of my year. His unique and I would say ground-breaking approach to success psychology didn’t just teach me a great deal about myself but also opened my eyes to a whole new way to thinking about human behaviour in general. What started as a program to help me deal with the challenges of setting up my own business for the first time has turned into a completely new way of looking at life.”

– John Hillman, Online marketing consultant.



I feel very privileged to be helping people be their very best and it’s something I love doing. I’m available for individual sessions in person, over the phone and also on Skype. The price depends very much on what we are working on, ranging from £70 to £300 a session, but courses of treatment are priced differently.

I offer a sliding scale to those needing it so that my work is affordable.

To book your free 20 minute assessment please contact us.


Tom Fortes Mayer is a Harley Street hypnotherapist, author, international speaker and creator of the FreeMind 3 pillar approach to happiness. He is passionate about helping people bring more peace, power and purpose to their lives. Having experienced a life-changing epiphany himself, he has dedicated his life to the art and science of creating similar liberating epiphanies for others.

His greatest passion is found in combining hypnosis techniques, ritual and music to make people’s transformation more magical, sacred, celebratory and heartfelt. He truly believes that the process of bringing your best to life should be a total, wide-eyed ride of pleasure, passion and joy. This underpins everything he does whether he is running retreats, planning inspirational celebrations, going into prisons to reduce reoffending, into corporations to increase effectiveness, into schools to increase engagement and to Nigeria to combat corruption. He is a regular contributor on radio, has contributed to various television programmes, has spoken at conferences internationally and is passionate about bringing happiness tools and integrity-based leadership skills into the mainstream.

He is also the founder of the FreeMind Project Charity (reg 1126454), an organisation dedicated to bringing the beautiful practices and principles of emotional intelligence, success psychology and oneness philosophy to the wider public in engaging, practical and playful ways.