Why choose to become a hypnotherapist with FreeMind?

  • You can learn the whole FreeMind system in 8 days.
  • After day 1 you will know how to powerfully hypnotise people
  • After day 8 you will feel confident to start working with clients immediately
  • Enjoy learning in a fully experiential, immersive and inspiring environment
  • You will be hypnotized everyday and you will also practice hypnotizing others every day
  • Avoid having to learn exhaustive theory, read hundreds of books and write essays
  • You will be given FreeMind hypnosis scripts and techniques for a whole range of conditions
  • You will watch live demonstrations as that is the best way to learn
  • You will learn how to incorporate music into your hypnosis to make it much more powerful
  • You will be taught how to run and build a successful, ethical and effective practice
  • The training includes ongoing support and supervision for a year
  • The training includes the full set of FreeMind self-hypnosis recordings
  • The FreeMind diploma is recognised by the professional indemnity insurance providers
  • You will have the tools to help people make real and lasting change in their lives
  • Once you have qualified you can charge between £80 and £200 per hour and people will happily pay you these fees for the amazing changes you are helping them make in
  • Their lives. There really is nothing more rewarding.

Freemind Hypnosis Recordings

Emotional Intelligence = Peace = Grace and Gratitude
Success Psychology = Power = Flow and Fulfilment

These advanced hypnosis recordings are set to bespoke film-score style soundtracks that take you on a powerful journey to learn the three pillars, dissolve the three limiting beliefs and enjoy a life of success and happiness.

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"Awesome! It does exactly what it says on the tin. On the first day I learnt how to hypnotise people. Amazing!” Ivor, IT consultant

"I have been a qualified therapist for over 16 years and this course has gone deeper than I knew was even possible. I feel absolutely ready to do some really great life changing work as a FreemInd hypnotherapist" Wendy, Therapist

"It was incredible! We have been able to work at an incredibly deep level. It has been moving work both personally and professionally. It has been a very intense 8 days and the friendships that have been formed have been incredible and I am very excited to be part of the The FreeMind community." Sameer, Psychotherapist

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The three pillars of FreeMind

On the course you will learn The 3 pillar FreeMind hypnosis System which utilises the 6 most powerful transformational techniques to help individuals overcome their challenges, achieve their goals and enjoy greater levels of health, happiness and harmony.

About Tom Fortes Mayer

Since the year 2000 I have been passionate about hypnosis and the power it has to create real and lasting change rapidly. The freeMind system i have developed has worked consistently for me and my clients for over a decade. Helping people change their lives for the better is the most rewarding thing in the world.

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