The 3 Pillars of FreeMind help you to enjoy more success and happiness in your life. It works by helping you to discover and dissolve the barriers and psychological interferences that prevent you from taking yourself to the next level. If you are tired of holding yourself back and have had enough of negative repetitive patterns, empower yourself with this incredible system!

FreeMind training and development recordings combine advanced life-changing technology and inspiring psychology tools to empower people to bring out the best from themselves. The recordings are packed full of tips, techniques and specially designed motivational music that makes these experiences engaging, exciting and incredibly powerful at helping you to enjoy life more easily. They also come with support videos to ensure you get the most from the recordings.



  • “Over the years I have listened to hundreds of personal development recordings from across the whole industry. The FreeMind Recordings are the best that I have ever listened to and I do not say that lightly! The combination of powerful, inspirational psychology and incredible music is nothing short of genius!”

    Christopher Adams, NLP Master practitioner and NLP trainer

  • “This is an astonishingly powerful tool. I have seen patients with long-term issues, who had previously explored traditional therapies without much success, be totally transformed by FreeMind”

    Dr. David Morris

  • “This is the best emotional intelligence system I have ever come across. It really works for different types of people”

    Dr. Bal Rana PhD, Psychologist

  • “With great thanks I received the package today, Tom! WOW!! The Free Mind Project is all kinds of AMAZING!! I have listened to the first two parts…this is stupendous!”

    Irene Windhorse, Grandmother, Spiritual Teacher


This book is a practical and fascinating look at what real happiness is and how we can enjoy more of it. Tom demonstrates with great clarity, passion and playfulness that there are three pillars upon which all lasting happiness and success are built.

Pillar 1 enables you to free your mind of any underlying sense of limitation and inadequacy.

Pillar 2 enables you to unleash your enormous potential and flow with brilliance.

Pillar 3 enables you to overcome your sense of separation and connect more deeply to everything that matters in life.

It is from there that you begin to love all things unconditionally. From, there you drop your resistance to life, you relax more and you become more true to yourself. Imagine yourself living fully and freely in the moment, utterly fulfilled and feeling vibrantly alive. This is the FreeMind Experience. This is the foundation of absolute happiness. This book puts a flame to the touch light of possibility inside us all.


[wp-svg-icons icon=”star” wrap=”i”][wp-svg-icons icon=”star” wrap=”i”][wp-svg-icons icon=”star” wrap=”i”][wp-svg-icons icon=”star” wrap=”i”][wp-svg-icons icon=”star” wrap=”i”] One of the best personal development books you will read!!
Tom is a master story teller, and his use of personal stories from his life and practise are brilliantly interwoven into the philosophy of the three pillars of happiness.
 – CEY,




This book debunks the myths of hypnosis and makes plain and simple the power we have to change how we think, feel and behave by looking at how we use our mind and the permission (or not) we give to others to influence us.After an insightful introduction about why the subject of Hypnosis is so worth exploring and the many benefits it can bring, each main chapter then addresses a key question: Where did hypnosis come from and how has it developed over time? How does hypnosis really work? Are there different types of hypnosis? How can it change my life? What are the most powerful techniques? How can I bring hypnosis into my daily life? And, finally, what are the wider social benefits of hypnosis and how can it change the consciousness of the world?

As such, this book brings readers on an exploratory journey through the world of hypnosis, uncovering its immense therapeutic power, and showing readers how to tap into this power for the purposes of personal transformation, so that we can all lead more authentic, connected, contented lives.

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