A Four Day Immersion In

Inspiration | Transformation | Celebration

All based on the 3 FreeMind pillars of success and happiness

This is for you if:

  • You want to make this your best year yet
  • You want to experience more success and happiness in your life
  • You are a performer that would like to take it to the next level
  • You are a facilitator or therapist who would like more power
  • You want to enjoy more confidence and effectiveness in your life

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Columbia Hotel - Lancaster Gate - London


On the training you will be taken on many powerful journeys to help you:

Unleash your greatest potential

Understand your true purpose in life

Understand and harness the power of your emotions

Develop a very loving connection with yourself and others

You will also leave with tools, techniques, and an action plan for your own personal and professional development.

With humour, lightness, insight and compassion, Tom takes you on a journey to a place of total self acceptance where you don’t get to be great in spite of your past, but instead you get to be amazing precisely because of your past. Tom believes deeply in the inherent perfection of all things, all events and every moment. Therefore the journey is not about fixing you, changing you or making you better. it is about lovingly dropping the resistance, overcoming fear, dissolving resentments and judgements and returning to a love of life, a love of yourself and therefore logically a love of everything that has made you who you are. This is the triple yes of freedom, where we get to meet the present moment with a total yes, because we are a total yes to who we are and everything that has brought us to this moment. That is freedom and from that foundation we have faith in life and a deep rooted belief in ourselves. With that connected perspective we can begin to experience more peace, power and purpose. These are the three pillars of the FreeMind system which underpin all success and happiness.

This course will be facilitated by Tom Fortes Mayer.

Tom is a internationally published author, Harley St Hypnotherapist, happiness expert, motivational speaker and founder of the FreeMind Project charity. He is passionate about the power of the human mind and the beauty of the human heart. Since the year 2000 he has been obsessed with the art and science of epiphany, rapid transformation tools and the extraordinary healing power of unconditional love and music.

Tom is passionate about the power of people coming together with an intention to be free. Tom creates an incredibly safe and powerful container which makes transformation, insight and inspiration simple, powerful and undeniably real. Tom believes that this is the best way to teach. This is not about theory and abstract philosophical concepts. This is about coming together to make real change happen. It is in this space that Tom takes you on a series of journeys and exercises to help you experience the power of the human mind and the beauty of the human heart. 

Since Tom experienced a massive life changing epiphany on January 2nd of the year 2000 he has dedicated his life to understanding the human condition, happiness, epiphanies and the mechanics and magic of rapid transformation. He has gathered together many different tools, techniques, tips, analogies and stories to help people go from fear to love, from being closed to open, disconnected to connected, from hiding your light to shining bright. Tom’s work all revolves around the principles and practices of the six main techniques of transformation. Tom has distilled and simplified these techniques and is totally dedicated to getting these out into the world so so that everyday people can take responsibility for their own healing and their own happiness without being dependent on therapists, coaches or gurus.

Through heartfelt talks, magical musical guided meditations, restful silence and intimate dialogues, Tom leads us in his own open, joyful and genuine way back to a love and freedom that has always been waiting inside you to be experienced. This is simply an invitation to come home to who you really are. To have the courage to step into your power, to really understand your purpose and place in the world and to take your place by the fire with pride.

Come into this safe place and feel nourished and nurtured. Let yourself be totally as you are, be seen, be held, be recognised and allow yourself to be loved back into alignment. Let us hum the tune of your heart back to you so you can remember the song of your soul, the call of your greatest potential and the joy of a life lived well. Be prepared to witness inspiring breakthroughs and beautiful breakdowns. Let our hearts be broken wide open, so we can remember again who we truly are and what is actually important in life.

From there we get to SHINE together


This 4 day immersion in inspiration, transformation and celebration is running at the Columbia Hotel, 95-99 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS

Early bird tickets are £375 (first come first served) with full price tickets costing £495.

If for any reason you do not feel this training was of immense value, we will gladly give you a complete refund.